Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Congrats to Jim Parsons (Sheldon) of The Big Bang Theory for winning the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a comedy! Score another for the geeks!
New music from Disturbed and 10 Years in stores today and tonight Creed returns to South Florida. It's a mainstream rock kinda day! [;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

20100830 Workout Playlist

A trip last week and some bad weather kept me from the workout for too long. It was rough getting started but when it begins raining and you are a mile and a half from home, you DO pick up the pace! 5.54 miles, the longest yet! Woohoo!

Here is the soundtrack:

Tool - "The Pot"
Soilwork - "Deliverance Is Mine"
Black Tide - "Hit The Lights"
Monster Magnet - "Power Trip"
Sevendust - "T.O.A.B."
Scar Symmetry - "Abstracted"
Disturbed - "Believe"
Metallica - "Fuel"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - "Fiends In The Mountain, Ghouls In The Valley"
Spineshank - "New Disease"
Amorphis - "Highest Star"
Obscura - "Universe Momentum"
Mercenary - "Redefine Me"
Queensryche - "Breaking The Silence"
Mystic Prophecy - "Back From The Dark"
Boy Hits Car - "Escape The World"
Stone Sour - "Made Of Scars"
Judas Priest - "Riding On The Wind"

Make your Monday awesome!!!
C'mon Monday...Let's rock!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

As promised, the night WAS epic! Glad to have a lazy Sunday to recover! [;-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tonight will be EPIC! Welcome Home Nicko/The Final Frontier Listening Party! 10pm Live Rock and Smokin' BBQ @ Rock N Roll Ribs Coral Springs

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in Florida, safe and sound. There is nothing like taking the wrong charger to help you stay "off the grid" for two days! [;-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

20100824 Workout Playlist

Using Nike+, you gotta love Lance Armstrong congratulating you on your longest distance yet...4.92 miles!! I am very impressed with the technology that Nike and Apple have come up with and it is very helpful in improving your workouts.

Tuesdays are new release days for music and movies and today is a good one! The final season of LOST hits Blu-Ray and the German band Blind Guardian release their 9th CD since 1988, At The Edge Of Time!

Here is the music that made today's workout possible:

Tool - "Parabola"
Serenity - "Derelict"
Metallica - "Jump In The Fire"
Communic - "Under A Luminous Sky"
Nevermore - "Narcosynthesis"
Blind Guardian - "Another Holy War"
Scar Symmetry - "Deviate From The Form"
Amorphis - "From Earth I Rose"
Decrepit Birth - "Metatron"
Soilwork - "Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning"
Strapping Young Lad - "S.Y.L."
Mnemic - "Within"
Iron Maiden - "Aces High"
Necrophagist - "Intestinal Incubation"

I hope your Tuesday ROCKS!!
Yay, new release day: the Sixth and Final season of LOST hits Blu-Ray today...and Blind Guardian unleashes their epic new CD! Rock On!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

20100823 Workout Playlist

Back on the streets this morning and it is getting a little easier each week. 5.48 miles today! It was a busy and fun filled weekend and I am really looking forward to this week...and the future! Do not look at today as Monday; it is the next step on your life's journey...make it great!

Today's list:

Demons & Wizards - "Heaven Denies"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - "Stealing E.T."
Taproot - "Poem"
Soilwork - "Observation Slave"
Sevendust - "Shine"
Racer X - "Lucifer's Hammer"
Queensryche - "Surgical Strike"
Obscura - "The Anticosmic Overload"
Iron Maiden - "Wasted Years"
Diecast - "Hourglass"
Demons & Wizards - "Blood On my Hands"
Blind Guardian - "Another Stranger Me"
Symphony X - "The Walls Of Babylon"
Hypocrisy - "Hang Him High"
Drowning Pool w/ Rob Zombie - "The Man Without Fear"
Scar Symmetry - "The Illusionist"

I hope your day rocks!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

saw this sticker yesterday: "What Would Yoda Do? Your Ass, Kick It He Would" [;-)
Senseo coffee, yum! Hmmm...whipped cream or no whipped cream? Decisions, decisions!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

wearing my "Future Evil Ex" shirt! (Go see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!!)
Go see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this weekend! You will thank me later!! [;-)

Friday, August 20, 2010


20100820 Workout Playlist

Back at it this morning and it was great! Took two days to rest and re-hydrate since I had pushed pretty hard to get to the five mile mark. Shattered that today and I am feeling super! Body and technology are working to actually make this fun...I know, hard to believe!

Today's tuneage:

Queensryche - "I Don't Believe In Love"
Symphony X - "Church Of The Machine"
Iron Maiden - "Heaven Can Wait"
Metallica - "That Was Just Your Life"
Redemption - "Leviathan Rising"
Scar Symmetry - "Carved In Stone"
Serenity - "All Lights Reversed"
Blind Guardian - "Traveler In Time"
Into Eternity - "Spent Years Of Regret"
Lord Divine - "Pleasure (My Own Pain)"
Strapping Young Lad - "Detox"
Tool - "Forty Six & 2"

Have a totally amazing day!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally saw Toy Story 3 in 3D...WOW!! Loved Buzz's Spanish mode!! Another great one from Pixar!
Cannot remember the last time I heard Zeppelin's Kashmir is a mall...if ever! Not Muzak, but the real deal!!
Today will rock...there is little doubt about it!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Project

OK Kids,

I have accepted the position of webmaster for Rock N Roll Ribs...the best BBQ joint on the planet!! We are all over the web and you would make me look very good if you would visit, "like", "add" and "follow" the following sites:


Major updates are coming very soon, so please visit often and keep in touch!! \m/

We are also on FourSquare and will be offering specials and discounts through all of the above.

Whether you live in South Florida or are just visiting, please stop by and enjoy "fall off the bone" ribs, tasty BBQ items and ice cold beverages!

The gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) who have placed their trust in me are Rick Baum, Mitch Tanne, and Nicko McBrain (Yes, that Mr. McBrain!)...their details are below:


The Men Behind The Mayhem

This man needs no introduction, but lets give him one anyway ...................... Nicko McBrain AKA, "The Rhythm of the Beast", is the legendary drummer for the greatest Metal band of all time IRON MAIDEN! For over 25 years Nicko has traveled the globe playing sold out arenas, selling millions of albums and creating some of the most influential music to date. Nicko brings his vast musical knowledge and powerful name to Rock n Roll Ribs. Now, don't think Nicko doesn't know BBQ, see .....In his travels, Nicko has dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world, and although he appreciates a $200 plate of "Tartar of Kobe beef with Imperial Beluga Caviar and Belons oyster" with a $400 bottle of 1975 "Chateau Palmer", he prefers a fall-off-the bones, sticky rack of ribs and a bottle of Corona.... Yeah see... So, Nicko not only brings his impressive name and experience to the mix but a passion for great BBQ. Oh yeah...this guy is an absolute character too, life of the party is an understatement, this guy IS the party, see!


The lunatic running this place, Chef/Operator, BBQ and Rock N Roll connoisseur...... "Moby" Rick Baum. Rick has been opening and operating restaurants ranging from BBQ, Italian, American to 4 star cuisine since 1990. His credits include designing and operating a million dollar BBQ catering outfit, traveling the East Coast opening 250 seat Italian restaurants as Executive Chef and leveling parking lots to build Roadhouse Grills. In this time Rick has not only learned all the tricks of the trades to be successful but has developed quite simply, the best BBQ recipes you'll ever taste. He plays a mean guitar too. Rick has traveled, played, and hung out with some of the biggest names in Rock music. This man knows his BBQ and his Rock n Roll!

The 3rd partner is 'Mitch Tanne' He has known Nicko for over 20 yrs... Golf mate & family friend. Mitch has toured and played with many artists since the 80's..even recorded a CD with Nicko, and still plays in a local R&R band. Mitch has also owned and operated a very successful wholesale grocery business for more than 25 yrs. His enduring passion and knowledge for music, food and BBQ makes him the best possible partner for Rock n Roll Ribs.

Too sore to push a workout this morning and risk injury. Plus, I need to get started on a new project that I am VERY excited about!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the most fun I have had at the movies in a long time! And the soundtrack is quite entertaining, too!!

20100817 Workout Playlist

Another glorious morning and beautiful sunrise, but I will be glad when Fall arrives; some mornings the humidity and heat are killers...even at 6am! That which does not kill us only makes us stronger, right? LOL

Creating a playlist, instead of hitting shuffle on a large group of songs, defeated the "playing in alphabetical order" problem the Nike+ app has. This morning the app sent my data to Twitter but not Facebook; knowing the problems FB has been having lately, I will not blame Nike+ or Apple for this one! [;-)

I made it past 5 miles for the first time this morning and I feel good!!

Here are today's tunes:

Blind Guardian - "I'm Alive"
Amoral - "A Shade Of Grey"
Scar Symmetry - "Detach From The Outcome"
Diecast - "Internal Revolution"
Amorphis - "Silver Bride (Live)"
Pathosray - "Lines To Follow"
Symphony X - "Inferno (Unleash The Fire)"
Stereomud - "Breathing"
Mudvayne - "Pushing Through"
Soilwork - "King Of The Threshold"
Metallica - "Hit The Lights"
Silent Civilian - "Last One Standing"
Blackguard - "In Time"
Obscura - "Desolate Spheres"
Monster Magnet - "Medicine"
Necrophagist - "To Breathe In A Casket"

The new Iron Maiden hits stores today, along with Dexter Season 4 on Blu-ray!!!!

Have a super day!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

20100816 Workout Playlist

Great power walk this morning, another 4.92 miles!! Nike+ is playing songs in alphabetical order no matter what tricks I try, so daily custom playlists will have to be created. In the beginning it would shuffle everything on the iPhone, but no longer. All software is up to date...at least it is tracking my workouts correctly!

Today's musical journey:

Amorphis - "Two Moons"
Cynic - "The Unknown Guest"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - "Unleash The Troll"
Communic - "Unpredictables Of Life"
Cynic - "Uroboric Forms"
Ultraspank - "Crumble"
Godsmack - "Cryin' Like A Bitch"
Sevendust - "Damaged"
Mystic Prophecy - "Dark Forces"
Scar Symmetry - "Dark Matter Dimensions"
Redemption - "The Death Of Faith And Reason"
Symphony X - "Eve Of Seduction"
Diecast - "Fade Away"
Blind Guardian - "Fly"
Breaking Benjamin - "Follow"

Have a spectacular day!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World totally rocked!! If you have ever been into videogames or comics (or both!) it is a hyperkinetic must-see!!

20100815 Workout Playlist

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!! After a day off and two Christopher Nolan movies (Inception & The Prestige), I was back on the streets this morning shortly before 6am. It felt a little weird going to bed early on a Saturday night but it sure did make this morning easier...4.9 miles! Feeling great and got the whole day in front of me!!

Today's list included:

Sevendust - "Splinter"
Queensryche - "Spreading The Disease"
Soilwork - "Stalemate"
Dio - "Stand Up And Shout"
Andromeda - "Star Shooter Supreme"
Dragonforce - "Storming The Burning Fields"
Godsmack - "Straight Out Of Line"
Scar Symmetry - "Calculate The Apocalypse"
Silent Civilian - "Cast The First Stone"
Cynic - "Celestial Voyage"
Stone Sour - "Come What (Ever) May"
Scar Symmetry - "The Consciousness Eaters"
Metallica - "Creeping Death"
Andromeda - "Crescendo Of Thoughts"
Demons & Wizards - "Crimson King"

The Nike+ app seems to play songs in alphabetical order, even after pressing shuffle. Investigation required.

Your actions speak louder than words...go out a make a difference today!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Call me a Nolan fan: Inception blew my mind and I loved every admittedly long minute of it! It feels good to be challenged! [;-)
Sorry kids, no workout this morning...still getting used to this level of exercise! After 2 major shows in 3 days, I deserve the rest! [;-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ihop will do but where is a Waffle House when you need one?? [;-) Cynic was amazing!!! More pics tomorrow!
At the Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale for Cynic LIVE!

20100813 Workout Playlist

Feeling good this morning, the weather was perfect...aside from the heat and humidity that is an everyday thing in South Florida. Got another awesome show tonight with Cynic, live in Ft Lauderdale!! Really looking forward to seeing them since it is so rare that they tour. We have some mutual friends so it should be a hoot!

Today's tunes:

Rob Zombie - "Scum Of The Earth"
Symphony X - "Serpent's Kiss"
Mystic Prophecy - "Shadows Beyond My Soul"
Black Tide - "Shockwave"
Stereomud - "Show Me"
Drowning Pool - "Sinner"
Amorphis - "Sky Is Mine"
Scar Symmetry - "Slaves To The Subliminal"
Rage Against The Machine - "Sleep Now In The Fire"
Symphony X - "Smoke And Mirrors"
Mnemic - "Sons Of The System"
Godsmack - "War And Peace"
Iron Maiden - "Wasted Years (Live)"
Nevermore - "We Disintegrate"
Godsmack - "Bad Religion"
Thought Chamber - "Balance Of One"

I hope your Friday The 13th Rocks!
is Up, Up and Away! Like Superman...without the flying. Or the cape! (No capes...thank you, Edna!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Live well, Laugh often, Love much

20100812 Workout Playlist

Well, after Rob Zombie and Korn last night (a workout in itself!), I started a little later than usual...and it was HOT! But, I am keeping my pace up and shaving time off the 4.77 miles every day!

Here is today's playlist that made it possible:

Stone Sour - "Hell & Consequences"
Blind Guardian - "This Will Never End"
Scar Symmetry - "The Three-Dimensional Shadow"
Dethklok - "Thunderhorse"
Into Eternity - "Tides Of Blood"
Thought Chamber - "Transmigration Of Souls"
Scar Symmetry - "Trapezoid"
All That Remains - "Two Weeks"
All That Remains - "Undone"
Silent Civilian - "Victim Of Fear"
Disturbed - "Voices"
Queensryche - "Walk In The Shadows"
Silent Civilian - "Dressed In Black"
Iron Maiden - "Sea Of Madness"
Dio - "We Rock"
Nevermore - "Ambivalent"

Have an amazing day!!
A slower start than usual this morning but rock n roll is worth it! Have a sensational day!! [;-)
I have seen Rob Zombie & Korn many times but both bands were truly on fire and kicking some serious butt! Will post tons of pics tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Met Korn! Nice guys! Thanks, Ric & Mark @ Roadrunner!
Ric still rocks! In line to meet Korn!!
Ric Austin rocks!!!! We are in line to meet Rob Zombie!!!!

20100811 Workout Playlist

After a full day of rain yesterday, this morning was glorious. Got a little later start than usual but it is getting easier every day! Feeling great and ready to rock at today's Rockstar Mayhem 2010 Fest!!

Boy Hits Car - "I'm A Cloud"
Hypocrisy - "Weed Out The Weak"
Blind Guardian - "Welcome To The Dying"
Godsmack - "Whatever"
Kamelot - "When The Lights Are Down"
Iron Maiden - "Where Eagles Dare"
Time Machine - "Where's My Heaven?"
Metallica - "Whiplash"
Mnemic - "Within"
Mastodon - "The Wolf Is Loose"
Wolfmother - "Woman"
Austrian Death Machine - "You Have Just Been Erased"
Nevermore - "Your Poison Throne"
Iron Maiden - "2 Minutes To Midnight"
Stone Sour - "30/30-150"
Bruce Dickinson - "Abduction"

Looks like shuffle was playing songs alphabetically...weird!

Have a rockin' day!!
Rockstar Mayhem 2010 Festival today with Rob Zombie, Korn and more! I hope your day rocks as hard!!! Carry on Brothers and Sisters!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. -Ferris Bueller
knew if I posted something about UPS they would arrive faster...less than 29 minutes later: new Demians and Ferris Bueller ($7.99) Blu-Ray!!
I think the UPS man knows when I am anxiously expecting new music and puts me last on his delivery list...on purpose! [;-)
for everyone re-posting the Yahoo story, here is the real Van Halen deal: www.vhnd.com/ (Thanks, John!)
Glad I woke up a little late...I would be finishing my first mile in this storm. The 2nd CD from Demians hits today, you should own both!

Monday, August 9, 2010

20100809 Workout Playlist

Well, everything is syncing up nicely and working great....including me! Nike+ is a really superior way to keep track of your workout progress! It works with iPhones, iPods (touch & nano) and a Nike armband. Using my iPhone 3GS with OS 4.0.1 and a sensor in my shoe, once calibrated, has been amazingly cool!

Here is today's playlist:

Disturbed - "Liberate"
Mastodon - "Quintessence"
Iron Maiden - "Where Eagles Dare"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - "Orange & Black Attack"
Rage Against The Machine - "Guerilla Radio"
Dragonforce - "Operation Ground And Pound"
Scar Symmetry - "Ascension Chamber"
Redemption - "The Death Of Faith And Reason"
Stone Sour - "Hell & Consequences"
Novembre - "Triesteitaliana"
Kamelot - "When The Lights Are Down"
Obscura - "Incarnated"
Mercenary - "World Hate Center"
Andromeda - "Inner Circle"

Have an amazing day!!
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise...still waiting on Wealthy! I know it is Monday but you can make it great!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

had a delicious late meal at Rock N Roll Ribs tonight!! http://www.rocknrollribs.com/ Thanks, Lisa!! (slipping into a food coma...)
A nasty rainy day in South Florida! Good for music, gaming and generally laying about!!

20100808 Workout Playlist

Now that I have Nike+ calibrated, everything seems to be working...except broadcasting the results to Facebook and Twitter. Ah, another difficulty to overcome...take them one at a time and knock them out; persistence is key! On to the soundtrack of my workout:

Into Eternity - "Diagnosis Terminal"
Mnemic - "Diesel Uterus"
Wolfmother - "Dimension"
Mastodon - "Divinations"
Symphony X - "Domination"
Racer X - "Dr. X"
Mnemic - "Dreamjunkie"
Blind Guardian - "The Edge"
Mnemic - "Elongated Sporadic Bursts"
Metallica - "The End Of The Line"
Nevermore - "Enemies Of Reality"
Sevendust - "Enemy"
Serenity - "Engraved Within"
Iron Maiden - "The Evil That Men Do"
Diecast - "Fade Away"

Thought I was on shuffle...doesn't look like it! LOL

Have a super fantastic day!!
has hit the ground running...well, walking really fast with some speedy tunes! Have a fantastic day!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Power is back! Crank up the tunes and the PS3!! [;-)
It is storming so bad here the power just went out! Fun fun! [;-)
already today: 4.7 miles, laundry, PS3 gaming and pool/sun time...think I will take the rest of the day off! LOL

20100807 Playlist


It was a very good morning; using my new Nike Lunarglide+ shoes with the Apple/Nike+ sensor. Will recalibrate tomorrow, Nike+ says 4.18 miles, actual is 4.7 miles!!

Boy Hits Car - "The Rebirth"
Strapping Young Lad - "Relentless"
Disturbed - "Rise"
Time Machine - "Rotten Souls"
Kamelot - "Rule The World"
Black Tide - "Shockwave"
Serenity - "Rust Of Coming Ages"
Scar Symmetry - "Sculpter Void"
Symphony X - "Serpent's Kiss"
Symphony X - "Seven"
Metallica - "Whiplash"
Staind - "Mudshovel"
Breaking Benjamin - "Natural Life"
Scar Symmetry - "Nonhuman Era"
Mastodon - "Oblivion"
Aghora - "Open Close The Book"

Have a spectacular day!!
New shoes, Nike+, killer playlist...this is the way to start an awesome day!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

having to postpone my morning workout to resolve my shoe issue is kind of a bummer. Regardless, the day will be great...or else! LOL

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No matter how many times I see The Lord Of The Rings...I am always moved...and ready to re-read the books!

20100805 Playlist

My Morning Ritual

4+ more miles, more great tunes to keep me going (6:58a-8:21a):

Dio - "Stand Up And Shout"
Boy hits Car - "Lovecore (Welcome To)"
Army Of Anyone - "It Doesn't Seem To Matter"
Scar Symmetry - "Quantumleaper"
Rage Against The Machine - "Renegades Of Funk"
Amorphis - "Towards And Against"
Disturbed - "Stricken"
Spheric Universe Experience - "Septic"
Dethklok - "Bloodlines"
Crossfade - "Death Trend Setta"
Blind Guardian - "When Sorrow Sang"
Breaking Benjamin - "Home"
Scar Symmetry - "Mind Machine"
Andromeda - "Encyclopedia"
Austrian Death Machine - "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It"
Black Tide - "Shockwave"
Mercenary - "World Hate Center"
Demons & Wizards - "Crimson King"

Make it a super day!!
Hitting the streets like a Kick-Ass superhero...without the coarse language! Have a super day!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hit Girl is my hero!
Steak 'N Shake = yum!

20100804 Playlist

My Morning Ritual

Another 4+ miles, another butt kicking playlist:

6:58a - 8:17a

Symphony X - "Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies)"
Black Tide - "Hit The Lights"
Drowning Pool - "Sinner"
Diecast - "Fade Away"
Sevendust - "Disease"
Symphony X - Evolution (The Grand Design)
Serenity - "Reduced To Nothingness"
Spineshank - "New Disease"
Amorphis - "A Servant"
Stone Sour - "30/30-150"
Kamelot - "Rule The World"
Godsmack - "Bad Religion"
Judas Priest - "Riding On The Wind"
Thought Chamber - "Sacred Treasure"
Dragonforce - "Through The Fire And Flames"
Tool - "Jambi"
White Zombie - "Super-Charger Heaven"

Have an awesome day!!
You know you are cool when you have on a Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid!! (do they even make regular Band-Aids anymore?)
Up and at it...have a superb day!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kick-Ass: R for Strong Brutal Violence Throughout, Pervasive Language, Sexual Content, Nudity and Some Drug Use - Some involving Children!
there is nothing like a hard rain...when the sun is out! Gotta love Florida weather!!


My Morning Ritual

This is a new daily blog of workout tunes, mostly so I can keep track but you are welcome to check them out and try them yourself.

During the last year, I worked up from .5 miles to about 2 miles a day…relaxed dog walking miles. This weekend I started “fast walking” with 3.25 miles every morning and today I added another lap for a total of approximately 4.4 miles…if you are not pushing yourself, what is the point of working out, right?

Creating a rockin’ playlist of songs with high beats per minute and a fair amount of aggressive content, guaranteed to not let you slow down, I hit shuffle and I am off.

This morning’s soundtrack 6:54a – 8:16a:

Symphony X – “Domination”
Redemption – “Bleed Me Dry”
Mercenary – “Redefine Me”
Sevendust – “Crucified”
Sevendust – “Praise”
Mudvayne – “Happy?”
Stone Sour – “Made Of Scars”
Drowning Pool – “Bodies”
Lord Divine – “By Myself”
Tool – “The Pot”
Spineshank – “Synthetic”
Godsmack – “Whatever”
Aghora – “Atmas Heave”
Stone Sour – “Hell & Consequences”
Iron Maiden – “Aces High”
Mastodon – “Oblivion”
Scar Symmetry – “Quantumleaper”

Today’s tunes were so good; I am already looking forward to tomorrow.

Have a spectacular day!!
Kick Ass hits Blu-Ray and DVD today...missed it in theaters and cannot wait to see it! Have a great one!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Every day is a gift...it is what we do with it that can make it great! Get out there and have fun!!