Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World totally rocked!! If you have ever been into videogames or comics (or both!) it is a hyperkinetic must-see!!

20100815 Workout Playlist

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!! After a day off and two Christopher Nolan movies (Inception & The Prestige), I was back on the streets this morning shortly before 6am. It felt a little weird going to bed early on a Saturday night but it sure did make this morning easier...4.9 miles! Feeling great and got the whole day in front of me!!

Today's list included:

Sevendust - "Splinter"
Queensryche - "Spreading The Disease"
Soilwork - "Stalemate"
Dio - "Stand Up And Shout"
Andromeda - "Star Shooter Supreme"
Dragonforce - "Storming The Burning Fields"
Godsmack - "Straight Out Of Line"
Scar Symmetry - "Calculate The Apocalypse"
Silent Civilian - "Cast The First Stone"
Cynic - "Celestial Voyage"
Stone Sour - "Come What (Ever) May"
Scar Symmetry - "The Consciousness Eaters"
Metallica - "Creeping Death"
Andromeda - "Crescendo Of Thoughts"
Demons & Wizards - "Crimson King"

The Nike+ app seems to play songs in alphabetical order, even after pressing shuffle. Investigation required.

Your actions speak louder than words...go out a make a difference today!