Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just give me the truth

I have never been a particularly political person, but I vote. I do my own research and cast my vote, hoping for the best. Living outside the U.S. 2001-2005, I gained an whole new appreciation for our country and how others view us. (Especially during and after 9/11.)

Over the last decade, technology has given the public and the media a little too much "insight"...and things seem to be getting worse. Everyone has an opinion, but the "facts" those opinions are based on are very suspect. You certainly cannot trust the candidates to tell you the truth, they are too busy trying to make you like them and, as a result, get elected. And, since the news media now picks sides... where do you turn?

As I watch my Facebook news feed fill up each day with vile, nasty and more importantly, untrue statements made by my politically minded friends (on both sides), I look for sources of truth amid the crap...someone had to be checking the fact-checkers, right?

Well, I found this Pulitzer Prize winning site launched in 2007, who seems unbiased in their attempt to find the truth amongst the B.S.. And like a breath of fresh air, things become a bit clearer.

Visit http://www.politifact.com if you want to know what is real versus manufactured, no matter which side you support.

Off my soapbox and back to rockin'...