Friday, October 19, 2012

Christian Älvestam: And now for something completely different (audio)

Being a fan of music, I enjoy all types and styles.  Well, most.  But, I really love it when an artist steps out of his or her comfort zone, in any genre.  The results are not always revolutionary or evolutionary... but sometimes these forays into other styles can be entertaining and even enlightening. This is a short blog about Swedish vocalist Christian Älvestam

Metal fans know the names Scar Symmetry and Solution .45. These technically amazing, hard driving progressive metal bands are two of my favorites for many reasons, not the least of which is the vocals.  From 2004-2008, Christian Älvestam did all the vocals in Scar Symmetry, easily switching from a melodic, clean singing voice with incredible range to death growls...and back. He co-founded Solution .45 while still in Scar Symmetry in 2007.  (and when he left Scar Symmetry they replaced him with two vocalists! talk about "big shoes to fill".)

Christian Älvestam is now trying something completely different. Not only is he showing off the fact that he can sing ANYTHING but that he also has very varied interests in music! I will post some of his metal work below, but first, check out what he is doing on his new solo EP Self 2.0:

Out today, you can pick it up here:

or here:

Sometimes when you see blogs like this, they are sponsored or something.  I posted this, and everything else, because I am a fan... and I enjoying sharing the things I like in music, movies, games, etc.  Here's hoping you enjoy!

And now for some of his earlier work! Prepare yourself...

Solution .45

Check out the change :36 seconds in!

Scar Symmetry

Impressive, eh? I have no idea how he does both!

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