Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hit Girl is my hero!
Steak 'N Shake = yum!

20100804 Playlist

My Morning Ritual

Another 4+ miles, another butt kicking playlist:

6:58a - 8:17a

Symphony X - "Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies)"
Black Tide - "Hit The Lights"
Drowning Pool - "Sinner"
Diecast - "Fade Away"
Sevendust - "Disease"
Symphony X - Evolution (The Grand Design)
Serenity - "Reduced To Nothingness"
Spineshank - "New Disease"
Amorphis - "A Servant"
Stone Sour - "30/30-150"
Kamelot - "Rule The World"
Godsmack - "Bad Religion"
Judas Priest - "Riding On The Wind"
Thought Chamber - "Sacred Treasure"
Dragonforce - "Through The Fire And Flames"
Tool - "Jambi"
White Zombie - "Super-Charger Heaven"

Have an awesome day!!
You know you are cool when you have on a Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid!! (do they even make regular Band-Aids anymore?)
Up and at it...have a superb day!!!