Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New footage from METRO: Last Light. Get METRO: 2033 for FREE! (video)

After reading the English translation of the Russian novel, I have played Metro: 2033 on the consoles and PC. I am a fan. (I know there is a second book but I have not heard the best things about it and getting an English translation has been difficult.) 

THQ did a great job with the first game, re-creating the "feel" of the book.  The tone is as dark as the corners of the old subway which humanity now calls home. The claustrophobic feelings you get in the book are fully realized in the game.  I go back to it from time to time because it is a very different shooter.  And, I like the story.

THQ is giving the PC version of the game away this week: https://www.facebook.com/MetroVideoGame?sk=app_395840630491782

(You have to be logged in to Facebook, I could not find another way to get the game)

THQ has been working on a new game called Metro: Last Light. The new game looks to expand of the first and even says it is still based on the first book.  It is coming March 2013 and this new gameplay footage looks amazing:

So far, so good. Looking forward to March!

source: THQ