Thursday, October 17, 2013

CALIGULA'S HORSE - "Dark Hair Down" Official (video)

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I finally got to spend some quality time with the second album from Australia's Caligula's Horse...and wow! Already a big fan of their debut, I am blown away by this new album. The band exceeded my wildest expectations and has evolved to epic proportions on The Tide, the Thief & River's End, easily one of the best albums of the year!  
Check out the first official video:

NEW ALBUM, The Tide, the Thief & River's End out on Welkin Records.

Husband - Nicholas Piper
Wife - Samantha Lan
Thief - Jim Grey
Directed by Nils Nilsson
Director/First AD - Zach Sullivan
Edited by Gerald Valilio
Makeup by Eloise James

Thanks to Denise and Tim DeBrabander at Wyneden Park Square Meater Stud for the location!

Caligula's Horse is

Jim Grey - Lead Vocals
Zac Greensill - Guitar
Geoff Irish - Drums
Dave Couper - Bass & Vocals
Sam Vallen - Guitar & Everything Else

"The knife slipped in much easier than she expected. Her anger brought her to the very hilt, his blood pouring over her fingers, softening her grip. The embers of their final conflict softly died to silence, their eyes locked as he faded away.

"Your holy words are worth no more than my spit. It was always me. It was always going to end just like this - your blood, my hands."
Invisible behind her veil, she tearfully smiled as he dropped to the floor, his life pooling around him, the light fading from his eyes.
And the last thing he saw was her headdress strike the ground."

Dark Hair Down

It was his neck or her wrist
Clean nails on iron fist
Dreams of peace beyond the wall
She'd cry out for mercy but she had no voice at all

Here and now it ends
This quiet victory
Her promise she would make amends
He lay not yet cold on the ground
This day of all days she would wear her dark hair down

This time the wheel has come around

Free of her cage she crows with a fearless sound:

"Your fists can't hurt me now"
A fearless sound
She'll wear her dark hair down

And blood brought the answer that time could not provide
Scars that read like home would hide
Her prison swallowed everything but piercing open eyes

She proudly bore the mark
Where his brand had met her head
She spat:

"The coward could not kill what was already dead."

Dark hair down
This time the wheel has come around
Free of her cage
A fearless sound

Stand and fight

This is my salvation
Blood for blood my love...

With a fearless sound:
"Your fists can't hurt me now"
A fearless sound
She'll wear her dark hair down

Blood for blood my love...

From Welkin Records:
 Named for the prized possession of Rome’s infamous despot, CALIGULA’S HORSE is an emerging progressive alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia.

With a modern and individual approach to music that channels the raw honesty of classic rock and the skill of progressive metal into a voice at once energetic, grand and forthright, CALIGULA’S HORSE offers devotees of all strains of powerful and progressive music something new and unique.

Formed by Sam Vallen and Jim Grey in early 2011, CALIGULA’S HORSE released their debut album Moments From Ephemeral City in April of the same year. Moments is a colourful and dynamic foray into modern progressive music at once eclectic and memorable. Unlike much beneath the “progressive” banner Moments isn’t an album intended for the intellectual, but rather an honest and accessible statement with depth enough for the most ardent of progressive rock fans, and fire enough to bring audiences in venues across Australia to fury, and their voices to unison.

Moments was followed in September of 2011 by Colossus; a two-track EP designed to showcase the chemistry between Vallen, Grey and their newfound band mates Zac Greensill, Geoff Irish and Dave Couper. Colossus defines the evolution of a two-man project into a fully-fledged band. Together CALIGULA’S HORSE claim influence from such artists as Devin Townsend, Opeth, Steely Dan, Jeff Buckley, Frost, Muse, Karnivool, Meshuggah, Rage Against the Machine, Pain of Salvation, Steeleye Span, the Beatles, Foo Fighters, Frank Zappa, the Dear Hunter, Steve Vai, Fair to Midland, Tori Amos, Lunatic Soul, Katatonia, Tracey Chapman, A Perfect Circle and many others

CALIGULA’S HORSE entered the studio mid 2012 to create the follow up to Moments from Ephemeral City, releasing teasers and video diaries that gradually reveal a band with a focused vision and a wholly realized sound pushing towards a career-defining work in their new album The Tide, The Thief & River’s End.