Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Progress Show #011

The latest episode of my new show, PROGRESS, is coming up tonight at 10pm eastern with new tracks from Kamelot, The Sword, Vanisher, Teramaze and others.  

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(A massive upgrade is coming very soon to our website with podcasts hopefully following after.)

PORCUPINE TREE: Octane Twisted coming Nov. 19th! (video)

My favorite band (and future subject for my "I love this band" feature), Porcupine Tree, is about to release a new double live album, Octane Twisted.  I have been a fan for more than a decade and they continue to grow and expand their musical vision. If you have not seen them are missing out.

From their official site:

"Octane Twisted" the new double CD live album including bonus DVD will be released on Kscope Records on November 19th. A regular 2 cd only version will be available at a later date.

CD 1 comprises the whole of "The Incident" recorded at the Riviera, Chicago 2010.
CD 2 track listing is as follows - with tracks 5 to 7 recorded at the Royal Albert Hall.

1. Hatesong (9.57)
2. Russia on Ice / The Pills I'm Taking (15.02)
3. Stars Die (5.57)
4. Bonnie the Cat (6.11)
5. Even Less (14.28)
6. Dislocated Day (7.05)
7. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12.59)

The bonus DVD, which is a 6 camera shoot production, was never intended to be a standalone DVD release but nicely documents the live performance of "The Incident" in front of a typically lively Chicago audience.

Richard Barbieri and Gavin Harrison discuss the new live album:

A track from the Bonus DVD:

Start here and work your way back, the entire Porcupine Tree catalog is still in "heavy rotation" during my personal listening. Upcoming posts will highlight their individual releases and members.

Rock your day!