Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Project

OK Kids,

I have accepted the position of webmaster for Rock N Roll Ribs...the best BBQ joint on the planet!! We are all over the web and you would make me look very good if you would visit, "like", "add" and "follow" the following sites:

Major updates are coming very soon, so please visit often and keep in touch!! \m/

We are also on FourSquare and will be offering specials and discounts through all of the above.

Whether you live in South Florida or are just visiting, please stop by and enjoy "fall off the bone" ribs, tasty BBQ items and ice cold beverages!

The gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) who have placed their trust in me are Rick Baum, Mitch Tanne, and Nicko McBrain (Yes, that Mr. McBrain!)...their details are below:


The Men Behind The Mayhem

This man needs no introduction, but lets give him one anyway ...................... Nicko McBrain AKA, "The Rhythm of the Beast", is the legendary drummer for the greatest Metal band of all time IRON MAIDEN! For over 25 years Nicko has traveled the globe playing sold out arenas, selling millions of albums and creating some of the most influential music to date. Nicko brings his vast musical knowledge and powerful name to Rock n Roll Ribs. Now, don't think Nicko doesn't know BBQ, see .....In his travels, Nicko has dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world, and although he appreciates a $200 plate of "Tartar of Kobe beef with Imperial Beluga Caviar and Belons oyster" with a $400 bottle of 1975 "Chateau Palmer", he prefers a fall-off-the bones, sticky rack of ribs and a bottle of Corona.... Yeah see... So, Nicko not only brings his impressive name and experience to the mix but a passion for great BBQ. Oh yeah...this guy is an absolute character too, life of the party is an understatement, this guy IS the party, see!


The lunatic running this place, Chef/Operator, BBQ and Rock N Roll connoisseur...... "Moby" Rick Baum. Rick has been opening and operating restaurants ranging from BBQ, Italian, American to 4 star cuisine since 1990. His credits include designing and operating a million dollar BBQ catering outfit, traveling the East Coast opening 250 seat Italian restaurants as Executive Chef and leveling parking lots to build Roadhouse Grills. In this time Rick has not only learned all the tricks of the trades to be successful but has developed quite simply, the best BBQ recipes you'll ever taste. He plays a mean guitar too. Rick has traveled, played, and hung out with some of the biggest names in Rock music. This man knows his BBQ and his Rock n Roll!

The 3rd partner is 'Mitch Tanne' He has known Nicko for over 20 yrs... Golf mate & family friend. Mitch has toured and played with many artists since the 80's..even recorded a CD with Nicko, and still plays in a local R&R band. Mitch has also owned and operated a very successful wholesale grocery business for more than 25 yrs. His enduring passion and knowledge for music, food and BBQ makes him the best possible partner for Rock n Roll Ribs.

Too sore to push a workout this morning and risk injury. Plus, I need to get started on a new project that I am VERY excited about!!