Thursday, February 7, 2013

ATOMSHIP - The Crash Of '47 (video)

While doing research for this week's episode of my show PROGRESS, I found myself looking for some music that may have been "missed" in the last few years.  The short-lived group ATOMSHIP was just what I was needed.
The 2004 album The Crash of '47 has slowly creeped it's way into a regular slot in my personal listening library since I got a copy a few years ago.  Skirting a line between mainstream hard rock and progressive experimentation, the album has a groove and feel that makes me wonder what could have been. 

Here is the only official single/video from the album:

This song was on the Punisher soundtrack:

a favorite from the album:

The members of the original band have something new coming here 
and Joey Culver's latest project is here

Some history from wikipedia:

Watership Down (formerly known as Atomship and AtomshipDown) is a three-piece rock band, composed of Derek Pardoe, Chad Kent, and current Together Tomorrow guitarist Jesse Duncan. Nathan Slade was the band's original guitarist until his death in December 2009. The band was known as Watership Down in 2002, before changing their name to Atomship that year, which ran until the band's disbandment in 2004, shortly after the release of their debut album, The Crash of '47. Joey Culver stood in for Derek Pardoe on the recording of The Crash of '47, as Pardoe was unable to due to his anxiety. Atomship was dropped from Wind-Up Records due to poor record sales. In 2006, Atomship reformed as AtomshipDown. In 2010, AtomshipDown reverted their name back to Watership Down.

source: wikipedia