Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Listening: June 2013 (video)

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During my career, I usually have a few hours a week set aside to specifically listen to brand new music for my radio stations.  In my current situation, I have much more freedom to play new music no matter where it come from... and sometimes I am overwhelmed with new releases having to make time for extreme listening.

This past weekend, I had over 200 songs to listen to, from folk rock to death metal. I listen to everything that comes across my desk but things had piled up and I had a lot to get through. 

Here are the notes I jotted down while listening to various albums and singles:

Akord - a very cool EP from beginning to end. ADD to ICE!

Sebastian Bach - two shows. Big outdoor show, intimate indoor show. 19 tracks total. Two different sides of the band. And Bach is a consummate professional, showing he still has range and chops but I detected some "tweaking" of the vocals in the mix...I could be wrong. ADD live cuts to FIRE for two-fer and occasional spins.

Blackmore's Night - medieval folk rock. Perfect for a ren-faire attendees or Game Of Thones marathons. Very polished recording, Richie Blackmore's guitar work is always worth a listen.

Burning Rain - 80's rock with the usual swagger.

Frostland Darkness -  slow, growling metal and kinda boring

Illusion Suite - if I have to wait 1:29 to get to the vocals of a five minute song they better be great. Not so much. He's a decent singer but his introduction should be impressive, not anemic

Patrick Hemer - weak vocals don't match the fairly decent song

Pursuing The End - Epica with less classical/opera and more metal. Funny dubstep intro to the album.

Scott Lucas & The Married Men - minimal rock sound from former Local H guy, very Americana. interesting arrangements

Spirits of the Dead - psychedelic stoner rock but interestingly done.  mix is kind of dull sounding but could be the mp3s.

Subject To Thoughts - 2010 indie release would be most excellent with a real producer. Solid songs with vocals that sometimes search for the pitch.

All Too Human - prog metal and kinda interesting. ADD to ICE?

Avelion - interesting mix of metal and prog. ADD to ICE?

Brand New Machine - blackout overdose. Not as good as the current single but it's a free download.

Constantine - power metal and just ok.

Divided Multitude - power metal and a little better.

Divinity Compromised - symphonic prog metal that leans power. not bad.

Teramaze - techy power metal and better still.

Votum - very proggy! ADD to ICE!!!

Warnot - power metal and will have to re-listen.

Boil - Vindication. Very interesting! ADD to ICE!

Spiritual Migration - a little too metal for ICE. clean vocals are good, just not enough of them.

Lycanthia - Doomy metal mixed with gothic vocals. Too metal for ICE but re-visit.

We As Human - New church rock band discovered by Skillet. about as exciting as that sounds. Will have to listen to the new Skillet later.

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