Sunday, August 8, 2010

20100808 Workout Playlist

Now that I have Nike+ calibrated, everything seems to be working...except broadcasting the results to Facebook and Twitter. Ah, another difficulty to overcome...take them one at a time and knock them out; persistence is key! On to the soundtrack of my workout:

Into Eternity - "Diagnosis Terminal"
Mnemic - "Diesel Uterus"
Wolfmother - "Dimension"
Mastodon - "Divinations"
Symphony X - "Domination"
Racer X - "Dr. X"
Mnemic - "Dreamjunkie"
Blind Guardian - "The Edge"
Mnemic - "Elongated Sporadic Bursts"
Metallica - "The End Of The Line"
Nevermore - "Enemies Of Reality"
Sevendust - "Enemy"
Serenity - "Engraved Within"
Iron Maiden - "The Evil That Men Do"
Diecast - "Fade Away"

Thought I was on shuffle...doesn't look like it! LOL

Have a super fantastic day!!

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