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Growing up I was more a Marvel Comics fan than a DC Comics fan. Just being honest. X-Men, Iron Man, Doctor Strange...these were my favorites. Overall I have been fairly happy with the Marvel movies, starting with Blade and up through Iron Man 3. Sure, a few were not great but things are on an upward trend. The second solo Thor movie comes out in a couple of week and now we have a trailer for the second solo Captain America flick.  I'm all in!


WISDOM OF CROWDS Interview with Bruce and Jonas (video)

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Easily one of my favorite albums of the year, the collaboration of Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief) and Jonas Renkse (Katatonia) known as Wisdom Of Crowds deserves a spot in your personal listening.  Here is a brand new interview:

For more info visit the album mini-site at:

Bruce and Jonas take 'Wisdom of Crowds' on tour through Europe in December, catch them at these dates;

Dec 03 Le Batofar, Paris, France
Dec 04 Drucklufthaus, Oberhausen, Germany
Dec 05 Jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany
Dec 06 De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Dec 07 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
Dec 08 Jazz Cafe , London, United Kingdom
Dec 11 If Performance Hall, Ankara, Turkey
Dec 12 Jolly Joker, Istanbul, Turkey
Dec 13 Durer Kert, Budapest

"Wisdom of Crowds is a jaw-dropping work of art..."
"...this is the sound of two supremely talented artists snatching magic from the ether."
9/10 Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer)

"A masterclass in dynamics and sonic experimentation from two incredibly gifted musicians within the progressive field."
Amit Sharma (Classic Rock Prog)

"...(Soord and Renkse) quarry some amazingly powerful, agile songs with their collaboration"
Eclipsed 8/10

"...Soord demonstrates that he has become a serious songwriter"
Metal Hammer 6/7

"Soord created with nearly every song a small cosmos which is complemented by Renske congenial... an album that can`t be missed"

"...a fusion of the best qualities of the both frontmen... the melancholy of Katatonia... the airiness of Pineapple Thief... catchy from the first listen"
Sonic Seducer

"For sure a candidate for album of 2013."

"the resulting music is hypnotically sublime"
"...both a stimulating and mesmerizing listening experience."

"It's the kind of music that would make a fine soundtrack to a long drive through the unending darkness of night."

"A genuinely unique record, it is beautiful and melodic whilst still, unsurprising given the contributors, remorselessly dark."
8/10 Dark Hemyspheres

Album of the Month
"An album of depths which lets the listener discover a lot of exciting details..."
Soundcheck #1
Zillo (DEU)

"...nine extraordinary songs of fascinating melancholy..."
Piranha (DEU)

"The stylistic adventure succeeded completely" "keeps up with Renske`s main band when it comes to the songwriting."
Rock Hard 8/10 (DEU)

Album of the Month
"a suprisingly versatile record, which will reveal its subtlety over time: a spendid album which requires a follow-up".
Rock Hard (FRA)

"Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse star in one of the jewels of 2013"
9/10 noizzwebzine

Originally written with Renkse's voice in mind, Soord sought out the acclaimed Katatonia vocalist to complete the compositions and release the music to the masses. Despite the rigorous schedules of The Pineapple Thief and Katatonia, the two musicians were eventually able to connect.

Both artists are currently enjoying unparalleled success with their main bands.

The Pineapple Thief have just completed a successful European tour following the release of their latest album, All The Wars in September. Rocksound described All The Wars as "an album of Muse-like, slow burning guitar anthems", while Classic Rock stated it was "the sound of a band reaching the height of their powers" and Prog argued it was an "elegant, sophisticated work... moody and meaningful, introspective and universal."

Katatonia also released a new album last year. Dead End Kings was released on the Peaceville label in August and reinforced their position as "one of the most consistently fascinating bands in modern heavy music." (Metal Hammer, 9/10). The album featured heavily in the album of the year polls of magazines around the world and was also nominated for a Grammy in the band's homeland of Sweden.

Wisdom Of Crowds
Radio Star
Frozen North
The Light
Stacked Naked Pretend
Centre Of Gravity
Flows Through You


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