Friday, October 26, 2012

VANISHER: I love this band (video)

Welcome to my new feature, I love this band.  Each post will highlight a band or artist that may be flying (or has flown) under your musical radar. 

This first one is about a fairly new band from North Carolina called Vanisher

Needless to say, thanks to my career choice I hear tons of new music every week. When something rises above the average and begs to be listened to multiple times, I know I have found something special.  So it went with Vanisher "Unbound", after first listen came a second and third, etc...  it demanded my attention.

I cannot find much info about the band on their sites but it seems they changed their name a couple of years ago to what could be a reference to a semi-obscure comic book villain from X-men #2 in 1963.

As heavy as the band appears, they never lose sight of the melodic elements.  Songs take strange and intriguing directions, yet remain catchy and driven.  This is a 21st century hard rock sound with tight playing and hooky melodies.

Check out the debut track from their new album:

Reaction (from Unbound)

Here is something from their EP, a video they obviously had fun making.

Martyr To The Flames (from The Buried Alone EP)

And, just in time for Halloween, I found this Metallica cover:

Of Wolf And Man (Metallica cover)

If you are still not convinced to download their debut album, here is a sampler...

Album sampler

I believe in this band enough that they are getting played on both of my radio stations:

Future posts will include artists both new and classic....just a little off the "beaten path".

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love of music! (-']