Monday, June 10, 2013

THE CURE - in Orange (video)

I discovered THE CURE in high school just after Pornography was released but did not become a hug fan until college, with the release of 1985's The Head On The Door.  The year after that album was released, The Cure unleashed their singles collection, Standing On A Beach, and it seemed they had reached a peak...we were wrong!

  While on tour in 1986, the band recorded and released The Cure in Orange, a VHS concert video of their show at a French castle...which instantly became required watching for anyone visiting my house. 1987 would see the band release Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me making the band even more popular, followed in 1989 by their watershed album, Disintegration.

But, in regular rotation on my VHS machine until it died was that classic concert, The Cure in Orange. This was a very special concert performance for many reasons.  Most people did not consider The Cure a rock band and this concert did a lot to show that the band comes alive in a concert setting.  I won't spoil any surprises, just watch and become a bigger fan.  (Thanks to my buddy Kyle for finding this nearly lost gem!!) 

This is my favorite thing the band has done, including the exceptional Trilogy concerts on Blu-ray!

(Note: Director of the concert video, Tim Pope, who also directed fourteen Cure videos, went on to direct The Crow: City Of Angels. He also began work on The Last King Of Scotland, but left that film and has returned to videos.)