Friday, March 1, 2013

AMORPHIS - "Hopeless Days" (video)

I love these guys! Check out the brand new track from AMORPHIS:

from the label: 
the brand new single "Hopeless Days" taken from the upcoming AMORPHIS album "Circle" - OUT: April 19 (EU), April 22 (UK), April 30 (US).

The exclusive "Hopeless Days" CD single is now available at the Nuclear Blast Mailorder: or digitally:

from wikipedia:
is a Finnish heavy metal (formerly a melodic death metal band) band founded by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari, and Esa Holopainen in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they evolved into playing other genres, including heavy metal, progressive metal, and folk metal. They frequently use the Kalevala, the Epic Poem of Finland, as a source for their lyrics.

source: Amorphis