Saturday, December 8, 2012

SEBASTIAN 1/1/1993-12/8/2012

My best friend of nearly two decades did not quite make it to his 20th birthday, coming up on January 1st. I am sorry to say, Sebastian succumbed to the complications of old age today. 

One of a kind, he was by my side through hurricanes, tornadoes and the ups and downs of my life since I was 26 years old. He lived and made friends in GA, AL, TN, FL, WV and Grand Cayman Island. 

Sebastian leaves behind @ScottHamilton, @LisaCascone, #LuckieTheCat, #ArcherTheDog, #RemyTheGreat and literally hundreds of family and friends who thought he was amazingly awesome. 

Totally unique, he was the smartest, sweetest, most kind-hearted non-human I have ever met and he was always there for me. 

Please keep him in your thoughts as he heads to that kitty playground among the stars. 

You will be missed, my friend. 
Safe journey until we meet again, Sebastian.  
Best. Kitty. Ever.