Thursday, September 12, 2013

HURRICANE IVAN Anniversary (video)

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Nine years ago today, we began to dig our way out of what Hurricane Ivan brought to the Cayman Islands.  The islands had not had a direct hit in 80 years and no one expected Ivan to head our way. But, instead of turning north at Jamaica, the storm hit the islands with full Category 5 force.  For 36 hours (Sept 11-12, 2004), winds exceeded 150 miles an hour, gusts to 220mph.  Our jet ski wound up in a tree down the road, our car was never found. (Thank goodness for insurance!)  

It was the longest 36 hours of my life. And I am thankful for every day I have had after!

Click on the pics for the larger versions.

I had recently moved from these condos. Most of the two story units just disappeared. 

The main road in front of the house

My friend Brian filmed this on the 12th
He has more on his YouTube page.

a few more pictures from the area I lived in