Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FORT ROCK 2014: Interviews and Pictures (audio)

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Last year’s Fort Rock in Ft Myers, FL was one of the best festivals I have ever been to. Smooth running, it was great for fans and for those of us who were working. This year was bigger and better, the event was sold out by mid-afternoon with nearly double the attendance of last year.
Squeezing through the VIP gate (which had a much longer line than the General Admission gate!), we hit the ground running. Being too late to grab the Kyng interview, I jumped to the next “scheduled” meets…which were still fluid when I arrived. Starting the day with a great interview on Theory Of A Deadman’s bus, I divided time between bands and photo pits. I also recorded chats with Black Stone Cherry, Nothing More, Within Reason and Lacuna Coil.

Since the presenting "terrestrial" stations were busy doing what radio stations should be doing at a festival, the Media Area was shared between me, a video blogger and a couple of online newspaper photographers. The area was welcome relief from the super clear, incredibly hot & sunny day but also gave us several opportunities to just hang and chat with members of Korn, John 5, Cristina, Andrea & Marco from Lacuna Coil, Jason & Zoltan from FFDP, Shim from Sick Puppies, etc.
WAY more fun than interviews!!
Though a haze of sunscreen and water bottles, I caught most of the performances during the day and my favorites included: Twelve Foot Ninja, Nothing More, Kyng, Lacuna Coil, Seether, Theory Of a Deaman, FFDP, Black Stone Cherry and Korn. Tons of killer pics and some great interviews, it was a whilrwind day and I was a “kid in a candy store”. 
From a radio perspective, these festivals are an amazing source of inside info and exclusives. 
Many thanks to the Promoters/Organizers/Labels/Management who made it possible! Looking forward to next year.

For more pictures check out Rockfile Radio’s Facebook page. 
More interviews can be found on my Soundcloud.  
This is an expanded version of a report filed for Radio Contraband.
I will also be adding some pictures of Rob Zombie, Korn and Black Stone Cherry
(Soon, all will be archived on, too.)