Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday FRED SCHNEIDER (video)

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Frederick William "Fred" Schneider III (born July 1, 1951) is an American vocalist, best known as the frontman of the rock band the B-52's, of which he is a founding member. Schneider is well known for his sprechgesang, which he developed from reciting poetry over guitars.
Aside from duties as the frontman of the B-52's, Fred Schneider has released two solo albums. He is currently working on a side project called the Superions. The group released a self-titled EP and the album Destination... Christmas! in 2010 and in February 2011 began working on a proper full-length album.
Fred Schneider & the Shake Society (1984 and 1991)
Just Fred (1996), which was produced by Steve Albini.
The Superions (2010)
Destination... Christmas! (2010)
Batbaby (2011)
"Konnichiwa" (2014)

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