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EVIL DEAD: My Review (video)

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So, I finally saw the new EVIL DEAD. Note: I am a life-long fan of the original three movies. The first wrote the textbook on low budget, guerrilla film making. The second one mixed in dark humor which made it an instant classic.  The third threw out most the horror and continued the fantasy story of the main character Ash.

The new movie has no Ash.  After watching the extras, it turns out that was the final decision that made the whole movie possible.  Although the movie features a lot of the pieces of what makes an Evil Dead movie, this new re-imagining "carves" out it's own identity. It is not really a remake. The film is filled with plenty of surprises for long-time fans but newcomers don't need to know any of it.  It does adds to the experience if you have seen the first two films.

And honestly, how could they find anyone to play Ash like this?

The cast does well with what they are given, it looks like it was a punishing experience. Jane Levy is definitely the standout of the cast. Her performance makes the movie.

This is not a movie for everyone, as much as the original pushed the boundaries of gore... this one does for modern times.  The effects are real, unlike the CG blood splatters of recent horror films.  The blood here literally rains down on the actors. If you are turned off by ultra violence, do not watch.

There is a little more story than the original and deeper characterizations but, this is an Evil Dead movie and it does it's job well.  The Book Of The Dead and many other smaller details are here.  I would say more but I do not want to give anything away.

Director Fede Alverez is making his US debut with Evil Dead. In 2009, he made a short film on his own time and this is what got him noticed by the producers of Evil Dead. Shortly after posting it, he made a deal to direct his first film.

Will this version get as many plays in my home theater as the originals, probably not.  But, for those looking for a 21st century version of a horror classic, you can do much worse.  I enjoyed my time spent and my better half agreed it was good. If you love horror, it's a must see!  I did not think this would happen, but I am already looking forward to watching it again. It is a brutal, but fun, ride!

The movie made close to double it's budget during opening weekend and went on to gross almost $100 million. The director wants the sequel to start right after the events of the first movie.  I am in!


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