Thursday, June 13, 2013

KEANU REEVES directing debut: MAN OF TAI CHI trailer (video)

As a fan of martial arts films, I have been hoping a mainstream film could do the genre justice. (I did enjoy Ninja Assassin as a guilty pleasure.)  I must admit, this doesn't look bad. Here's hoping Keanu brings something interesting to the director's chair.

from wikipedia:

Man of Tai Chi is a 2013 Chinese-American martial arts film directed by and starring Keanu Reeves. The film is Reeve's first in a directing role. Man of Tai Chi is a multilingual narrative, partly inspired by the life of Reeve's friend, stuntman Tiger Chen.

Pre-production began in 2008 with years-long script refinements. During Man of Tai Chi's five years of scripting and production, Reeves acted in several B movies with lead roles as Henry in 2010's Henry's Crime and John in 2012's Generation Um.... When the project eventually moved into the production phase, filming occurred on mainland China and Hong Kong. The film premiered in 2013 with showings at the Beijing Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. The work was awarded in Beijing and praised by recognized director of Hong Kong genre films, John Woo.



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