Thursday, July 9, 2009

re-blog: February 2009

to start my new blog site I am re-posting some previous blogs from other places...sorry for the redundancy.

Now that I have spent a little more time on Facebook....I still enjoy Myspace more. LOL FB has been a great way to re-connect with friends I haven't spoken to in 20 years or more, all my friends from high school and college. Plus, folks I have met on my "travels" during my radio career.

Facebook also has groups and causes you can join for networking and information sharing. Anyone can create one and I stumbled on a choice from my hometown that applies to everywhere. (At least everywhere I have been driving lately!)

Most drivers these days seem to have never passed any kind of driver's education or driving test. Not just a lack of courtesy on most driver's part but the appearance of a complete lack of understanding the rules of how traffic flows. And now I know I am not alone....

If you're not doing 80mph in the left lane, get the F*CK out of my way!!!!!

Atlanta, GA


Welcome to Atlanta. This is a really big city. It is 50 miles across. We get places in a reasonable amount of time by driving REALLY fast- and the cops know it and give us a little bit of leeway.

We drive fast and reckless. If it is not rush hour traffic, then the average speed on the interstate is around 80mph. This is not in the left lane, but on the entire interstate in general. If you drive at 55mph you are putting your life in danger, as someone is liable to run into the back of your car at 80+mph because you are going sooo slow. If you can't drive quickly, you should not drive here.

But the left lane is reserved for those people who desire to get where they're going especially quickly. PLEASE- if you're in the left lane and you're not doing at least 80, MOVE THE F*CK OVER.... get the F*CK out of my way- because I don't know about you, but I've got places to go. Thank you!

I would like to emphasize that this group does not advocate speeding or
reckless driving, but merely the preservation of the flow of traffic.
The highway is designed such that fast cars drive on the left and slow
ones on the right. The far left lane is for passing. If you're not
passing someone, MOVE OVER!

as of this morning, it has 2,653 members....but I think it will be huge!

Put down the phone, move over and drive safe out there.

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